Proprietary Re-circulating Aqua System

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Dominion Aquaculture brings patented, cutting edge AquaMaof technology to the emerging US aquaculture industry.

Dominion Aqua will deploy the proprietary, patented and operational Recycling Aquaculture System (“RAS”) technology of our Israeli technology provider, AquaMaof Technologies.  This technology allows us to grow fish in unprecedented densities in a zero discharge, energy efficient environment, paving the way for true industrialization of fish production.

Unique features of the system include proprietary and scalable indoor design, energy efficiencies, production tanks with integral hydro-cyclone, proprietary oxygen dissolving systems, complete filtering and water recycling and sophisticated remote monitoring technologies.

To ensure food safety, control of production costs, bio-security and the economies of scale, our  production facility is vertically integrated to allow for a complete cycle from egg to harvest.

Our vertical integration design includes:

  • Hatchery, for growing fingerlings to a size of 1”
  • Production modules where fish grow to full market size (approx. 2lbs live weight at harvest)
  • Processing plant where fish are filleted and packaged
  • Rendering plant
  • On-site feed mill
  • Separate R&D facility


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